postheadericon OUR EXPERTISE

We are not only model manufacturers! We are also expert in cars, motorbikes, airplanes, military vehicles and all kind of collectibles.

Our MACAU central office holds one of the most complete cars, transport vehicles and military library in Asia, with over 5,000 books and 15,000 magazines.

Our European office also owns two “scanners” which allow us to instantly scan and digitalize any kind of vehicles in Europe.

On this way, our R&D team in Macau and China can find “in house” the most complete information and data for the production of our models.

PCT fully controls all the steps of the production for die-cast models and figurines:

  • Full documentation at the early stage of the project
  • Scanner to digitalize any kind of vehicle
  • Our own team of sculptors to craft historic figurines, animals, comic figures, etc.
  • Tooling development team, using nowadays the most sophisticated 3D and CAD techniques
  • Experiences product development multi-lingual engineers
  • Modern production facilities, with extended capacity (over 20 die-cast machines, 40 plastic injection machines, 350 tampo machines, 4,000 workers)
  • Reliable quality control
  • Efficient multi-lingual shipping and administration team.

Our team in Macau and P.R.China is probably the most International in our business.

In addition of Chinese staff, our Engineers and Production follow-up teams features French, Belgian, Malay, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian staff.