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Our company, established in 2000 in MACAU S.A.R. (P.R.CHINA) is one of the world leaders in producing die-cast toys and other collectibles.

PCT market can be divided in three different areas:

  • Toy & Hobby market through its brands IXO MODELS, IST MODELS, J-COLLECTION & PREMIUM X:

  • OEM and Automobile Industry, through partnership with several car manufacturers such as NISSAN, SEAT, HYUNDAI, MERCEDES BENZ, JAGUAR, RANGE ROVER, ROLLS-ROYCE, etc.
  • Partwork Collections, for which PCT occupies a position of world leader for the supply of die-cast models and figurines, with over 70% of the market, with a yearly production of over 20M units. Our partners are ALTAYA, ATLAS, DeAGOSTINI, EAGLEMOSS, FABBRI EDITORI, GE FABBRI, HACHETTE COLLECTIONS, etc.
    altaya deagostini atlasedition hachette


    altaya deagostini hachette atlaseditions eaglemoss gefabbri
  • PCT also produces for other toys and model companies such as MATTEL, REPLICAGRI, SLOT-IT, BELKITS, etc.
    mattel elite hotwheels slotit replicagri belkits

    mattelhotwheels slotit rcsmodels replicagri

To develop its activity, PCT was granted over 120 license agreements from car manufacturers, motorsport teams and driver, movies and comics, etc.

Through its different factories in P.R.CHINA, over 4,000 people work for the production of PCT products.